Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Sultry, beautiful and talented Nollywood actress, Aishat Abimbola, popularly known as Aisha Omoge Campus was our guest recently; and we got talking. Here are excerpts: 

Who is Aisha?

Aisha Abimbola is a humble, cool headed actress, and a 'no nonsense' mother.

What will you say you have achieved so far in the 'acting business?  

Life has been really more beautiful, yet challenging as an actress. I like the fact that I often get appreciation from quite a number of fans, I have had to meet notable people from different works of life....yet it has been challenging because I am more careful about what I do and where I go. Especially what I wear and how I talk and relate with people.

 Who has really inspired you along the way?

My late parents of blessed memories taught me to be kind and humble. ..that any day is a great inspiration for me.

Looking back, what are you most thankful for?
I'm always thankful to God for the breath of life...for my beautiful heart that doesn't keep grudges, for my great children and a splendid career.

 What is your most challenging role and why?

My most challenging was "Awerijaye". It  happened to be my first lead role. It was produced by Deji Etiwe. I see it as the most challenging then because it was my first time of working with quite a number of thespians, like  Pa Olofa Ina, Pa Fokoko, Orishabunmi, Wunmi Yetunde, Murphy Ray Eyiwunmi, Toyin Adewale, Pa Biodun  Majekodunmi aka Baba Kekere and his wife, Ayo Ewebiyi and a host of others. 

Do you remember your first time in front of the camera?
My first time on camera professionally was on Wale Adenuga's Papa Ajasco series.

Are you in a relationship?
No Yetunde! I ain't talking about my love life. (Laughter)

What would you say draw men to you?
My whole physical appearance and intelligence attract both gender to me.(winks)

What is your most embarrassing moment?

My unending episodes with area boys have always been so embarrassing. 

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Craziest thing I've done is better kept a secret (laughter) or I will tell you Yetunde personally one day. (More laughter)
Do you mind to share your beauty secret?
Beauty secret....little makeup..only when necessary. ...not sleeping with make up carbonated drinks...a little exercise ...fruits and vegetables and getting enough sleep...even though that hasn't been too easy.
What other things do you do aside acting?
Aside acting, I'm a caterer.  I also make ankara bags, shoes and accessories.  I sell bedspreads and duvets. I also do MC/Compere jobs for wedding receptions and events.
What are your plans for 2014?
In 2014... God help me ...I'm looking at setting up my canteen and producing a movie or two.

Been nice talking with you Aisha
Thanks Yetunde and God bless.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Ebony beauty, Brenda Modupe David, the CEO of Bren D Daisy Entertainment Company, is no doubt one of the hottest kiddies entertainers/MC in London. She is passionate about her job and does it with great energy, which has warmed people to her over the years. The delectable lady stated recently that she had always loved kids from when she was little, and entertaining them only comes naturally. She explained "Anytime I go to family and friends' parties, I always have my way with organising and looking after the kids, and I try so much to ensure they have something to eat and we sit to chat and have a laugh. One day one of my aunties saw the way I was with kids and said to me, Brenda why don't you start this as a business? I said I didn't think so. Then I went to another friend's party and I saw a guy called Olla Bella entertain, and I fell in love with his work and that was how I made up my mind to start my business. Thanks to Olla Bella as he was my inspiration"
And just when she thought she had finished discovering her talent, she was encouraged by a family friend who thought if she could entertain at kids parties, crack jokes and carry adults along, she could be a good MC. She was then invited by her to be the MC at her sister's wedding, which was how she won the hearts of many and added the MC job to her portfolio.
She made up her business name from her name. Bren was taken from Brenda and the capital D from her surname David. She added Daisy ( flower) because of her love for daisy flower.
Brenda who studied Theatre Arts had always been comfortable with the crowd. She had featured in two Nigerian movies and in the nearest future, she sees herself doing stand up comedy. "I am very good at making up jokes and making people laugh......" She says.
To add more flavour into entertaining the kids, she also does kids Fun food like popcorn, candy floss, hotdog, burgers, ice cream, slushy poppies, fruity punch, all made fresh on the spot. She equally does total kiddies party packages including decoration and DJ sourcing.
Brenda is married with three kids.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Sonorous songbird, Sola Allyson Obaniyi caused a stir last weekend when she performed at The Watermargin 02 London. Guess her own music captivated her, as she refused to go off the stage despite the several warnings that her time was up. The audience of course wanted more, but at some point, she had to drop the microphone to call it a wrap for the night. The humble singing sensation managed to drop some of her popular songs, and of course the song that brought her to limelight - "Eji Owuro" to the delight of the audience. In between her performance, she chipped in stories of her life to minister to people, her rendition of "Temisan" a song that centres around her gratitude to God for where she is coming from, where she is, and where God is still taking her. All in all, it was an excellent performance.
QDot, the popular crooner of "Alomo Meta" made a guest appearance. Sola was well supported by singing discoveries like Femi Commander, Muyiwa Jegede and OJ Sax. The concert was put together by Ayodele Momodu CEO Home of Music.
Beautiful evening.

Sola Allyson Obaniyi

Performing @ the 02

QDot of the "Alomo Meta" fame

QDot with Sola Allyson

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Sunday, 2 March 2014


Popular Yoruba actor and comedian, Olaniyi Afonja (aka Sanyeri) hit the bubbly town of London for the first time for just few days recently. Even though he detested the chilly weather, he still tried to enjoy his short stay. He was hosted at a Post Valentine show that featured Sule Malaika alongside co-comedian, Tunde Bernard (BabaTee), also on the bandstand was the new Fuji sensation, Paso Poly, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Oganla 1's prodigy. The show was organised by Godfather Promotions' Kent Uche in conjunction with Bustline Media UK and BrixtonBubbles Gigs. B&S Promotions' Dupe Arowosola also hosted him to a night of fun with Juju crooner Sunny Melody on the band stand. He seemed to like it in London and promised to return soon.

Stepping into the chilly weather 

He was guest at CEO BustlineMedia's Valentine Birthday

At his welcome party

With Co-Comedian, B abaTee

Sanyeri, Paso Poly, Baba Tee

Both comedians with Malaika at the show

With B&S Promotions

With CEO Bustline Media

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