Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Glam and Essence magazine is set to host the 5th Glam and Essence Style Awards and Runway Show, an event aimed at appreciating the ever evolving world of fashion, style and beauty.
This year, some distinguished individuals that have contributed to this profound change will be honoured. There would also be a display of fabulous collections from the showcasing designers, that includes Keto Couture, Itohan Couture, Fin Afrik, Loisonell Couture, Tienna Couture, e.t.c. It will be an evening where fashion personalities will be honoured for their immense contribution to the growth of the Nigeria Fashion Industry.
It is scheduled to hold on the 30th of October, 2016 at the Elizabeth Phillips Macquee, BICS Gardens, B20 Oluwole Olateju Crescent, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, would see style personalities, fashion designers, beauty gurus and celebrities grace the events.
Also, a special honour will be given to renowned designer and forerunner of contemporary African fashion, Zizi Cardow, as well as a display of her newest collection at the show in her honour. A special appearance by London based Nigerian born designer, Feyi Adeyemi of Luxury by Feyi will be made at the event. To further spice the evening, there would also be live performances from some Nigerian artistes and comedians. Special recognition awards will be given to some women who have impacted positively on women, children and the art of fashion and dance.
The emerging state of the Nigeria Fashion industry cannot be ignored with the various elegant designs by creative designers, not to mention Stylists that have made a huge impact in the ever growing industry in Nigeria, thus giving birth to the yearly prestigious Glam and Essence Style Awards and Runway Show.

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye isn't one happy barbie doll. Reason being the misinterpretation of his personality and his sexuality.
Known for his boldness and courage to declare to the world who he actually is; Bobrisky, as he calls himself on social media seem not to give a hoot; the attitude which has been a big shock to many in the African community where he lives.
He has faced series of tongue lashing and bashing, but through it all; he remained undaunted. He managed to earn himself thousands of fans worldwide who want to meet him and even be his friend.
We reckon he has a story to tell; and we decided to get him interviewed and put a stop to all the assumptions flying round. He came across as a confident, soft spoken and almost girly 25 year old who is happy with his sexuality, his lifestyle and his new skin colour.....
How long did it take you to change your skin colour? It looks like a re-birth!
It took me two months. The journey began when I travelled to Dubai. I met a lady who introduced me to the products that transformed my skin.
Wow! Only two months? Did you take some whitening pills in the course of this?
No. None at all. It's a purely a good cream mixture. You see, those whitening capsules or whatever they are is rubbish. It's just to extort people.
I bet your wow transformation got you starting the bleaching cream business
Yes. I can vouch for it. I've sold to a lot of people both rich and middle class and they keep coming back.
Now let's get this straight. Are you bisexuality or pure gay?
I am bisexual. People always get my sexuality wrong. Men 'toast' me; I toast ladies I fancy too. So you could say I swing both ways. I have male and female lovers.
So who are your lovers?
All I will say is; I have both. I am not a thief. It's not all about money with my lovers. I have a girlfriend here in Nigeria and the other in Amsterdam.
Are your girlfriends ok with your sexuality?
Yes. If they are not; I guess they won't be with me. I educate them about my lifestyle and they are cool with it.
And you think they are not with you for material reasons?
I think the one in Amsterdam is after money (Laughter) Always demanding.
At what point did you decide you are more comfortable looking like a female?
Let me take you through my life. When I was a toddler, I enjoyed playing female roles. Everyone around me noticed that. When my mum and dad broke up; she took me with her. I would cook and do almost what a girl child would do. I've always loved to dress up as a girl. So when I became an adult; it was effortless for me.
You are not embarrassed at the way the society frowns at that?
I get lots of embarrassing comments here and there. You know Nigerians can look! They look, they talk and me I just continue with my swag. I really don't care. It's my life!
Would you change base if the heat is getting too much? Like if people keep passing comments about the way you look?
Nigeria is my country. As long as I don't kill no one, I think I'm good here. I run my business. I don't steal. I'm not a nuisance, I'm law abiding. I've passed all tests as a good citizen. Though I admire how people like me in advanced countries carry on easily and people around them don't judge them.
What are your favourite things?
I love cars, I love make up, nice perfume, good shoes and I love clothes. Anything you can think of in a fashionable lady's wardrobe, I have them all.
Guess you don't have a bra? (Laughter) oo. And don't ask me if I'm going to do a boob job and become a proper transgender. Nope. At least for now.
Unfortunately we couldn't finish our interview because Idris got busy with his numerous clients and we had to leave him to do his business. We would get a Part 2 pretty soon.