Monday, 29 June 2015


They are beautiful and sassy. We just can't keep our eyes off these fashionistas on the separate red carpets of the just concluded BET Awards and BET Honors 2015.



Sunday, 28 June 2015


Charly Boy recently took to his Facebook page to cry out for help to heal the drug ridden erstwhile Nigerian reggae super star; Majekodunmi Fasheke; Majek Fashek.
The embattled singer has been ravaged by hard substances for close to 20 years.....


The worst thing we can do is stand and watch when we see someone struggling in agony, especially when their pain is self inflicted.
Many of us remember Majek Fashek.
A multi talented artist of international repute whose hit rendition "Send Down The Rain" still does exactly that anytime it is played: sending the shivers down our spines. It used to be my favorite song from his album and till today, I can sing his lyrics many years after.
He brewed that song right in my studio in Oguta, in the seven months he spent with me there as an in-house producer.
It is no longer news that the rain maker is a sorry shadow of himself plagued by issues larger than his self discipline.
I remember this very handsome man with a good heart and it's no surprise that we had worked together a long time ago at the start of his beautiful but truncated music career. He was so promising, so full of dreams that it breaks my heart to see him so degenerated and entirely disconnected.
Looking at him now, I say to myself, it could have been me or any of us.
It has been a very bumpy ride to my present location and the success attained so far. Everyone knows by now that I had a very turbulent teenage life; the spirit of adventurism, curiosity and trying everything nearly led me to self destruction and to very dark places.
I experimented with drugs quite early, but seeing what it did to my relatives, friends and the people I had loved from afar, I knew it wasn't for me. It was only by His grace that I freed myself from the calamity waiting to happen.
Yes, my guys, I have been there, done that, seen that and I have finally decided to pursue a cleaner life style. I have my strong Christian background to be thankful to, my new found Buddhism to appreciate for the discipline I have learnt over the years. While you may give me a standing ovation for walking through that long dark tunnel and coming out unscathed, I thank God for His mercies, and pat myself on the back for the willpower to fight all the negatives I was once involved with.
Some of us are not so lucky to imbibe self discipline for things that are destructive to us, but then, that doesn't necessarily make those of us better human beings for being able to!
It is therapeutic for me to share a little bit of myself with you, not just as Charlyboy, but as a friend, a big brother, a mentor to many and also as someone who remains passionately committed  to sharing with people my own life lessons with the intent of re-activating in them the power of tenacity, focus, consistency and above all, a belief in self.
Yes ooooo I experimented/struggled with substance abuse myself, and I'm proud and happy to say that I have remained clean for the past 35 years. Now if I can do it, many of you out there can!
Many may look at me and in disbelief, argue that there is no way anyone in my profession can possess such creative dexterity without being high on some kinda substance.
Shame on them!
I never drank alcohol, I no longer smoke cigarettes, and I'm a gym rat and a health freak.
Because I know better.
What really bothers me about addiction and mental illness in this neck of the woods, is the ugly stigmatization that comes with it. People believe you are either under some form of spiritual or demonic attack or that you lack the discipline to put your  self  in check. Most of us never see it as a form of medical imbalance that requires treatment by a professional; just like one would treat malaria, ulcer, cancer, and even toothache.
Addiction is no different.
I know it can be a huge heartache watching someone you love struggle with an addiction or have a mental illness but  the good news it that it is curable. When we show more love as parents, as friends, associates, spouses, brothers or sisters, we help the people going through this struggle feel good about themselves.
One of my favorite quotes is that People will easily forget what you say to them, or what you do for them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
Majek Fashek is our own, let's see how we can heal our rain maker who needs all the love and understanding he can get right now. I know quite a few well meaning Nigerians have contributed to his rehabilitation, but I still encourage the few who are determined to see the healing of this great musician become reality.
God will give us the strength and guidance.
It is well.
It is our collective effort to help rehabilitate him as a social responsibility of fighting this hard drug menace that is wasting so many of our youths. I know a lot of you might ask what if he doesn't want help? Then I ask what if he does but doesn't know how to?  If Mohammed won't go to the mountain, shouldn't the mountain go to Mohammed?
And on that note, my parting word to anyone out there struggling with an addiction of any kind, just know that you can be the best you want to be.
You can be as weird, as different, as creatively crazy as you want to be still, by staying clean, responsible and very focused.
Just say no to polluting your body and yes to clean living. When saying No is no longer an option, help is available and you don't have to do it on your own.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


The first daughter of the legendary Afro beat King, Fela Anikulapo Kuti; Yeni Kuti's only child, Rolari Segun got married to her sweetheart Benedict
Jacka earlier today; Saturday, 27th June at Femi Kuti's African Shrine, Lagos, Nigeria.

Rolari's father is the late Femi Segun who died over a year ago in a power bike accident. Excited mum couldn't hide the tears of joy as she gave her daughter's hand out and prayed for her.
Big uncle, Femi Kuti was on the band stand to serenade the bride and groom amidst the large Kuti and Segun clan, well wishers and industry colleagues.
Rolari with dad and mum on
 her graduation day in 2009

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


L.A.X is kicking off his massive Tour of Europe this September through October. The tour; which is tagged  #StarBoyLaxEuropeTour2015 is presently gathering momentum to lock down Europe. Some of his many stops will be Stockholm, Rotterdam, Paris,  Germany, Oslo, Denmark, Finland, Brussels, Madrid, Cyprus, Ibiza, Magaluf, Italy, Vienna, Prague, Malta and more.

Born Damilola Afolabi in Lagos. L.A.X attended Ave Maria Montessori and Turkish International school, Lagos, Nigeria. He started out as a rapper in a group (Flyboiz) and soon after; he discovered he could sing and do more.
He left the group after gaining admission into Salford University Manchester in 2009. He has since then been a solo artiste.
His first single featuring Ice prince titled "JAYE" was released under his independent label (M2Recordz) in 2012. He signed to Wizkid's STARBOY Entertainment in June 2013 and together they released his debut single (CARO) which announced L.A.X to his teeming fans. 
With Wizkid
His first official single; "GINGER" a song that featured his label boss; Wizkid, debuted with a video directed by Mr Moe Musa and produced by Phoenix Media Group.
In February 2015; upon completing his Masters degree, L.A.X released his second single "MORENIKE" with a video directed by Clarence Peters. He has been on numerous radio and television stations across the country promoting his materials whilst still working with top producers and artistes on more songs to satisfy his ever growing fans.
He has been on tours to Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and Dubai; showcasing his craft to the world and one word he has for his teeming fans is: "ANTICIPATE”
L.A.X has just completed his Masters degree.

Monday, 22 June 2015


Godfrey Baguma, 47 year old cobbler, singer and comedian from Uganda who has been tagged the ugliest man in Uganda since 2002 when he won the contest; has added the 8th child to his family. 

Godfrey who suffers from an unknown medical condition that disfigured his face has been married twice. He sent his first wife packing on adultery basis years ago; before he met his present wife, Kate Namanda, 30,
who he described as the most beautiful woman in the world.

He was reported to have said marrying Kate was not an easy task. "She stayed with me for four years before her people knew where she was. I didn’t want them to see me until we had a child because they would definitely advise her to leave me. She left me when she was six months pregnant based on discouragement from her family. But she later accepted her fate and came back two months later. Though I was angry with her but I had to take her back."
Kate who confessed that her husband had a great sexual prowess said "I must admit I was scared when I first saw him and swore I would never live with a man like that; but I guess fate has a hand in this. And most of all; I followed my heart. Money and physical appearance should not be an issue when it comes to choosing a man. Today I'm happy my husband is getting more and more famous and he has money to provide for our needs. Moreso; he satisfies me greatly in bed."

Friday, 19 June 2015


The African Fashion Ambassador, Lexy Mojo-Eyes was one of the speakers at the just concluded 4th Pan African Congress hosted by the Government of South Africa through the department of Arts and Culture. He was invited by the African Union to address the Congress on the economic value the fashion industry can bring to the African continent through the various fashion vocations using the Africa Fashion Reception as a platform.

In his power point presentation, Lexy Mojo-Eyes explained how the fashion industry can be properly harnessed to bring economic value to the African continent. He said for this to happen, designers from across the continent must look inward for inspiration by researching into their various ethnic cultural backgrounds and come up with African inspired garments that can appeal to the global market. This they can do by sourcing fabrics and accessories locally for their production.

To complete the circle, he advised citizens of the African continent to patronize only clothes and fashion accessories made locally by African designers. If we successfully do this, we will be creating so much wealth in our continent because the process will have a multiplying effect. This will include empowering and creating jobs for women and youths from across the continent.

Lexy Mojo-Eyes is the President/CEO OF Legendary Gold Limited, organizers and owners of Nigeria Fashion Week, Nigeria Fashion Show, Nigeria Fashion Awards, Nigeria Model Awards and the Africa Fashion Reception.  HYPERLINK

The Africa Fashion Reception is put together in collaboration with the African Union. The Africa Fashion Reception is a Pan African initiative. The 2015 edition will bring together fashion designers, fashion Icons, First Ladies, Ambassadors, Ministers and media from over 30 African countries in a celebration of cultural diversity expressed through the artistic fashion discipline with the proud theme ‘Africa is the new inspiration of global fashion’. It will be held in Paris and later at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa as one of the side events during the Heads of State Summit.

The audience was made of opinion leaders, policy decision makers which includes Ministers of Culture & Tourism, the creative industry from all over the African continent and beyond. The theme of the 4th Pan African Congress is ‘Unity in Cultural Diversity for Africa’s Development’ The delegates were welcomed by His Excellency, Dr Mustapha Sididki Laloko, Commissioner for Social Affairs of the African Union. The keynote address was given by the South African Honorable Minister for Arts & Culture, Nathi Mthethwa.

Some of the speakers at the congress were Dr Mohammed Salem Soufi, Director General Afro Arab Institute, Damir Dijakovic, Programme Specialist, UNESCO, Anita Diop, Executive Director, African Roots Heritage Foundation, Prof Wolfgang Scheiden, University of Hildesheim, Germany, Kodjo Cyriaque Noussouglo, Vice President of International Federation of Coalition for Cultural Diversity, Dr Webber Ndoro, African World Heritage Fund, Alboni Jopela, Vice President Pan African Archaelogical Association, Hon Josephine Napwon Cosmos, South Sudan Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports, Hon Tabetha Kanengoni-Malinga, Zimbabwe Deputy Minister of Sport, Arts & Culture etc

The Africa Fashion Reception is aimed at achieving the following objectives using the creative industry of fashion as a vehicle:
■To build bridges by creating free trade and partnerships among fashion practitioners throughout the African continent
■To attract global attention to Africa’s very rich and diversified dress culture which can be explored as a catalyst for the social economic growth of the continent’s garment/textile industry.
■To expand the potential power of fashion as a tool of fighting poverty in Africa by creating wealth through the empowerment of women in the various fashion vocations. We intend to achieve this through training, capacity building schemes, workshops and setting up of medium/small scale businesses for these.
■To bring about self reliance as this initiative will create millions of jobs across the continent for Tailors, Creative Directors, Textile designers, Models, Cutters, Pressers, Fashion Photographers & Writers, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists etc
■To contribute in bringing the much desired peace and stability to our continent by positively engaging the youths as stated above.
■And to further develop African economies by creating the biggest and most profitable African fashion and lifestyle trade and investment initiative for global patronage.

For participation Visit: