Thursday, 25 February 2016


Randa Eissa is gorgeousness, brains and talent combined. The sexy and multi-talented Saudi Arabian born Egyptian is a graduate of Maritime Logistics from the Arab Academy of Maritime and Logistics. 
After her studies, she did a lot of freelance work with a couple of embassies while shipping products between countries. The Nigerian embassy in Egypt was however one of the embassies she worked with the most. In the course of working there, she fell in love with Nigeria.

She at some point did interior designs as part time for a number of notable Nigerians' homes in Egypt having been interested in Real Estate since her teens. The Nigerians she worked with have always encouraged her to visit Nigeria; they initiated her by making her listen to Nigerian music, watch Nigerian movies; and consequently, she found herself eating Nigerian food, even the types that were alien to Egypt like plantain and yam.

She is a vast traveller; but for some reason she could not resist Nigeria. She sees Nigerians as always happy, and she loves the fact that anyone can start dancing anywhere when music plays. Ultimately, she fell in love with Nigerian jollof rice and has since been hooked on it.

She has also dipped her hands into modelling. She started strutting her stuff on the runway since age 17. At that age, she also discovered her musical part and went on to record her demo titled "Sorry". She wrote the lyrics and created and produced the melody.
All of her talents put together, the musical and modelling parts were the most desirable to her. She has always wanted to be a singer and loved posing as a model. Though she still does interior designs, and invests in real estates.

She recently released a new song called "Zoobi".  Zoobi is a Zambian name, and the song was done by a Nigerian producer called Milla, and the beat is Afro Beat. It's a duet with her Nigerian friend; Obinna Nwokiki. She wrote the lyrics and mixed the melody, and Obinna worked on the melody of the chorus.
The song is presently being mixed and mastered in Egypt and will be released soon, followed by the video shoot in Nigeria.


Drew Uyi, the C.E.O of Drew Uyi Media Management has become the International Manager of versatile comedian, actor, producer, TV presenter, and event host; Ayo Makun aka AY Comedian. The appointment was made public few hours ago.
Drew Uyi is a seasoned International Artiste Manager and Event Manager with a Degree in Event and Sports Management from London Metropolitan University (Class of 2005). He is an influential and respected figure in the African Entertainment scene in the UK.
Drew has managed and worked with countless Nigerian A-List Artistes in the past: from Shina Peters, P Square, 2face, Faze, Timaya and recently with the Mavin Supreme Dynasty Artistes and many more.
He was the co-producer of BenTv Awards 2014 collaborating with Femi Ben TV and Dutch Da Don of Brightknights fame. He has also been involved in countless of African Events in London and has over 20 years experience in Event Management. He was the Tour Manager/Organiser of the massively successful Star Boy L.A.X Europe Tour 2015 alongside DJ Ike.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Showbiz personalities in Nigeria are no doubt taking the no-chill-pill this year!
The current rift is between popular blogger, Linda Ikeji and singer, Wizkid. Even though it dates back sometime last year when the singer was alledgedly paid N8m by the management of American University in Yola Adamawa State, Nigeria to perform but the singer did not show up for the show after payment. Linda was said to have published the story without any form of verification from the singer. Likewise the report on his new baby by his baby mama, which Linda broke without investigating.
The report was later debunked by the school's management. The singer who didn’t find the report funny took to his twitter handle to lash on the blogger and her family.
Apparently still mad at Linda, Wizkid tweeted a link to an article claiming Linda has “Poverty Mentality” for showing off her controversial Hermes bag which the public tagged as fake. Linda returned the lash in an article she titled  “When Your Baby Daddy Is Not A ‘Deadbeat’…” ( "deadbeat" as used by his baby mama) using another story to cover up.
Wizkid took to his snapchat to post this: “Almost 40, Lonely And Bitter” using Linda's photo to drive home his message.


Following the recent hoax bomb calls to schools across the UK, the Metropolitan Police Service in conjunction with The Department for Education and The Directors of Children’s services and London Councils, are providing updates to students, their parents and carers.
Over the past 10 days there have been a series of hoax bomb calls to schools across the country, including schools in London.
Some of the calls are reported to be  linked to each other.  Others are ‘copycat’ calls. The calls have caused significant disruption to school life, upset to school staff and understandable concern to pupils, their parents and carers.   
The MPS have started working with schools and local councils to ensure the safety of all students and to minimise disruption.
Every bomb threat have however been assessed. Highly experienced officers have started work with counter-terrorism experts, who have an in depth knowledge of such incidents, to quickly assess whether a threat is real or not. 
Words have been sent out to students, parents and carers that there is no credible threat posed to students' safety and that all of the calls have been malicious designed to cause fear and disruption.
A major criminal investigation has commenced on the matter. Making a hoax bomb threat is a serious crime punishable by up to seven years imprisonment.    
School authorities are working with Police Forces across the country to find the person or people responsible.  A number of arrests within the West Midlands area have already been made.
Schools and councils have currently been updated and have issued guidance on what to do in the event of a bomb threat. This guidance is in addition to existing safety plans held by schools which are well-rehearsed and are designed to manage a range of situations.
It is advised that all remain alert but not alarmed and, to assist in dealing with these incidents, students, parents and carers have been asked to do the following:
If you have any specific questions regarding your school’s safety plans or the site’s security please speak to school staff.
If your school makes a decision to temporarily suspend lessons while safety checks are carried out please do not attend the campus to remove your child unless you are asked to do so and do not phone the emergency services to ask for updates on your child – this delays genuine people in need from getting help.  Schools will keep you informed and they will always arrange care for students who are unable to return home or whose parents/carers are unable to collect them.
Please do not attend and remove your child from a school that has not been affected by an alert – this results in missed learning opportunities.
Speak to your child about the consequences of making hoax calls.  What may appear to them as a ‘joke’ will have long-lasting implications for their future.
Should you have any information about those responsible for the security alerts call police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
You can find out more about how schools, the council and you can prepare for emergencies here:  HYPERLINK ""

Thursday, 18 February 2016


It's no longer news that the photo bomb queen, Olajumoke Orisaguna has been landing mega deals since her walk of fate into Tinie Tempah's photo shoot by celebrity photographer and singer, TY Bello. 
She has her hands full with activities such that one begins to wonder if she would be given time for all of this turn around to sink in properly.

This sort of turn around story can be so daunting; especially to a girl who hasn't seen the 'other side' before, using Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who came to international limelight on the TV talent show; "Britain's Got Talent" in 2009 and couldn’t quite handle the enormous fame as a case study.

Sudden transformation and change of environment could become a body shock. And for it to become normal, the individual needs time to get the brain and the rest of the system wrapped round it.

Olajumoke does need a breather: to allow her adjust to these changes gradually. Her brain digestion, her emotional and habitat changes should all be considered and worked on to enable her smooth sail and adjustment into her new world.

She is billed for a programme at the Hilton in Abuja, Nigeria as a motivational speaker on the 20th of February 2016. Is this kind of chore necessary? Isn't it too premature? And shouldn't TY Bello who discovered her be the one in charge of any motivational speech programme citing her; Olajumoke as an example? She cannot even speak a word in English properly! Has she been brewed enough to be made to perform this kind of task?

Olajumoke Orisaguna should not be a money making vehicle or used to resurrect some dying businesses. The focus should be on her education for now. Not even a modelling career yet! Has anyone asked her if she truly wants to be a model? She should be open to choices. Nothing should be forced on her.

Thank you to those who have helped towards her life changing experience. But more needs to be done. It's about her transformation into becoming a better woman with a better life; and there's much more she could wish for instead of the choices made for her.
Let's help her sail smooth, not rough.
Signed by FEW Modelling Agency

The signing as Face Of Payporte 2016

Billed to be a motivational speaker

Her Model Show Card

The beginning

The journey 

With hubby and child

The transformation 

The shoot

With her manager


Peter Okoye of Psquare took to his IG handle minutes ago to apologise for all his outburst on twitter on his brothers Paul and Jude such that their fans have began to wonder why he poured out so much only to say he is sorry. They reckon a grown man would have taken a second thought before his actions.
The brothers
He wrote: "I am not perfect, I make mistakes and it hurts people. But when I say sorry, I mean it. I am so SORRY for my actions. I sincerely apologise"
But last night, it became obvious that Paul, his twin brother had taken side with Jude, their elder brother and manager against Peter.
He tweeted: "This is where I belong and this is where I do music in the studio, not in social media, you have family issues, you discuss that in close doors, not in social media ..... Family is family, blood is blood .... If you don't do family business, then who am I to you?"
Peter took turn to explain in a series of tweets how the brawl started: "I have come to you several times to resolve issues between us and with some family and friends but what happen? On the 4th of Jan dis year I came to you and told your friend to excuse us I need to talk to you and u insisted that you friend must be around. 2013 I told Jude his (sic) no longer needed as our manager he agrees only for u to come to me that if he is not our manager then we should split! Where you belong because you both where doing business behind me? And I get to find out? Teampsquare pls help me ask my twin why he insisted that everything we own must be shared equally with Jude. Otherwise Psquare should split. Teampsquare ask my twin brother why today him and Jude owns squareville. And if that didn't happen Psquare would have bin (sic) over 4yrs ago. My bro I will still stand and fight for you because you and I started this journey b4 Jude came onboard as our manager. Fans and friends I totally agree with you that we are grown ass men that we shouldn't be doin this. But you guys deserve to Knw the truth. I set up pclassic records 3 and half yrs ago. Was in the studio with @cynthiamorgan1working with her and u told her to excuse us. You then said you heard I wanted to sign her. And then ask what (sic)will people be looking at Jude as if I sign an artiste.
3day later @cynthiamorgan1 returned my contract and said jude said me trying to sign her on a different label is becoming a problem. But after 2 weeks she signed with Jude.... My brother think am. But let's not go deep.... I still stand my ground. He is fired. Am still on the hashtag #NoBeByForce. Legal or no legal. We don't owe him.. We don't even have a contract with him. So it's all good. #NoBeByForce. I choose to be the good,bad and the ugly of p2. Say what ever you want to say. Need to save my second half. Period #NoBeByForce."..... to go Dubai....."

We only wish these brothers make peace soonest!

Saturday, 6 February 2016


One of Nollywood's finest, star actress, Ini Edo has been appointed as Special Adviser To Akwa Ibom State Governor, Emmanuel Udoh; on Tourism.
She has been excited about her new role and quite happy for the opportunity to serve her people. She received her formal appointment letter last week in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital.

Her industry colleagues have been sending congratulatory messages her way.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


In the early hours of Tuesday 2nd February 2016, a small neighbourhood in Ibadan, Nigeria woke up to the news of the death of Oyelowo Ajanaku Oyediran. The young man died as a result of the stabs he sustained from his wife, Yewande Fatoki Oyediran, the daughter of a popular politician named Honourable Fatoki; after an ongoing brawl about bearing a child out of wedlock which he was alleged to have been hiding from her.
The late Adelowo showing the first stab

Yewande allegedly slit her husband's throat with a knife in his sleep. It was said to be a repeat act as she had stabbed him a day before and the diseased had gone to the hospital to be treated of the wound on his right shoulder.
As a result of the medication he received after treatment, he was said to be weak and went straight to bed. His wife, took advantage of his weakness and slit his throat.
Their landlady raised an alarm as she heard the faint noise that emerged from their apartment. She was said to have seen 'Lowo as he was popularly called, in a pool of his own blood. He was said to have died few minutes later.
In a twist to the story, it was reported that Yewande, who is from a powerful political family has been backed by her family with the aim to bury the story and escape the law. Her family claimed she is mentally unstable.

Adelowo's friends have since taken to the social media to expose Yewande and get justice on the matter.

UPDATE: News reaching us minutes ago says Yewande has been arrested by the Police. More soon....

When the going was good


Lying  in the pool of his blood

Their wedding day