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The stylish King of Couture, UK based Adebayo Jones is truly a king. His every stitch exudes luxury, panache and glamour. The splendour of his fabrics breathes nothing but a spectacular grandeur. Little wonder he was crowned The King in his field, and he is still on top of his game, no doubt. He was our guest recently, and we must admit he was an interviewer's delight, which made our whole chit chat memorable and fun. Here are excerpts:
   Who is Adebayo Jones?
Adebayo Jones is a lifestyle entrepreneur, image and  style consultant as well as an educator. Adebayo Jones started out producing luxurious wedding gowns and occasion outfits, but over the years has diversified into a bridge couture collection of high fashion ready to wear pieces. The brand has also evolved with the launch of lifestyle products and accessories that reflect the opulence and elegance that it is known for.
Jones with Miss World 2001, Agbani Darego
Why are you called the King of Couture?
It is in recognition of our outstanding creativity, flair and detailed craftsmanship of exquisite pieces of clothing which are recognisable for their brand affinity for excellence. We have used sumptuous and luxurious fabrics in realising this objective over the years. The consistency overtime has enabled one to be distinctive and a journalist titled us “King of Couture” some years back, other sectors of the media adopted this phrase in true recognition of our brand ethos for supreme quality and dazzling finished products.

What makes your signature tick? And what is your speciality?
Luxurious and sumptuous fabrics,juxtaposed in a remarkable blend of creativity, flair, artistic excellence, skilled tailoring and detailing has been key in setting our designs apart. The lines are fine, clean and classic, the cut is designed to endure the physical wear and ravages of the fashion industry. We produce items of clothing which are classic and make a clear statement of refined elegance, enhancing and instilling confidence in the wearer.

  When did the fashion journey begin?
From childhood really. This was my mother’s profession and as a young man, I watched my mum design and make clothes. Fashion has since been a lifelong passion and in it, I find personal fulfilment of purpose and destiny. I have always wanted to be a designer. I did study History and Sociology for my first degree but went on to pursue the relevant skills needed to be able to flourish and be a skilled artisan at the fashion college in Central LondonThere is much reward from the conception of an idea to realising the finished product of this thought, an idea from the subconscious being translated into a physical reality. Nothing could be more fulfilling really.

What popular people have you styled?
We have worked with people from all works of life. Celebrities from TV, music and film and stage to everyday persons who are successful professionals in their own rights. Some include Nollywoood Star Omotola Ekehinde, Agbani Darego Former Miss World , British actress Sally Familoe Neville, etc

Seems you style just women, Why is that?
We style men as well, it is just that the Ladies wear angle has been promoted more than the male side for now. I actually learnt the men’s tailoring first before my women’s wear course in college and we produce superb tailoring for men too.

What distinct shows have you put up?

The list could read on and on. I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and taken part in a lot of truly high profile and memorable shows. Last year alone we were in South Africa,Nigeria, Toronto, England, Sweden amongst others taking part in fashion weeks and other high profile events which have further increased our brand awareness and showcased our collections to a wider audience.I have been highly involved in producing and staging charity fashion shows, which include Imperial Breast Cancer, UNICEF, Sickle cell, The Thomas Foundation,ThePinkBall fundraising for breast cancer,GeleTea  fundraising for Alzheimer’s amongst others.   

Out of all the shapes and sizes women come with, what is your favourite? In terms of styling them?
Any woman can be beautiful. In fact everyone wants to be beautiful and also be complimented for it. I am yet to find one person who would get upset when being told “you look beautiful”
Size is irrelevant in making someone look fabulous. What it takes is a keen eye for detail, an understanding of body shapes and being able to cut to suit the personality, artistically craft garments which compliment the wearer and also instils confidence. I am sure we all agree that confidence will radiate when you look and feel good about yourself.

Apart from stitches, scissors and needles, what are your favourite things?
I have passion for food and music. I write and sing gospel music and I am currently working on a single for 2014. I am a true foodie so don’t be surprised if I venture in this domain in the future (Laughter)

How do you unwind?
Outside the glam lights of fashion and entertainment, I am completely comfortable indoors. It would not bother me if I did not step out in days. I love to read, watch a good movie and also listen to music. It just brings about the much needed peace and tranquility which is needed when one needs to unwind and infuse a new bout of energy and zest into ones spirit.

What do we expect from your stable in 2014?
Many exciting things in the pipeline for 2014.Some things are better left of as surprises but we have kicked off with our accessories Adebayo Jones Luxury Scarves line JANUARY 2014.Expect new collections as well as shows with dates to be announced soon.

Who are the designers who inspire you?
The late grandmasters Yves Saint Laurent, Gian Franco Ferre, as well as the amazing living masters Valentino and  Giorgio Armani. They have defined style, glamour, elegance through the ages, they stood the test of time and their names immortalised as revolutionaries of their era.
With Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde
What are the thorns in the fashion business?
The expensive cost of creating collection after collection as well as producing shows can sometimes be stressful. The demanding long hours and pressure can sometimes be exhausting. Also wish people would be a lot nicer to themselves and spend less time bitching at and behind each other, an exercise  frankly speaking which I don’t have the time for. I am however grateful that I can live a balanced life and have a clear understanding that it is a job after all and one can enjoy the blessings in a quiet way too.

And what are the roses in it?
The joy of completing a collection and the runway presentation, a project completed and executed perfectly and successfully, a satisfied and happy client is fulfilling. To see these ideas and thoughts brought to life is rewarding and truly satisfying.
Clinching a plaque

Who styles you?
Myself. I have grown into my own and have a clear understanding of my personal style which is unique to me, and I can confidently carry off. I am classic yet bold, with hints of audacious accessories to compliment my look. Personal styling makes me distinctive and reflects the nature of a true artisan.  

Have you ever been drawn to a woman while taking her measurement?
No. One must have a clear cut drawn fine line of work and play. A client is a client. One could admire a person for being unique but there are boundaries that should not be crossed as professional.

What has been your wildest experience in your business over the years? Especially with your clients?
Nothing wild. I love a client who says go to town, I wanna be the belle of the ball, which allows your creativity to explode and explore beyond boundaries. I also love those who say keep it clean and simple and use the uttermost of their natural charm, style and elegance to achieve the same result as group one. Both are rewarding, each in their own unique way.

Flaunting one of his Limited Edition Luxury Scarves collection

 What would you say is the future of fashion?
For me personally I hope for phenomenal things to fall in place. New ideas, innovations, fabulous collections, and all things truly wonderful would be a wonderful gift indeed.

Simply put, I wish and hope for a remarkable, successful and memorable 2014. 

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