Wednesday, 3 February 2016


In the early hours of Tuesday 2nd February 2016, a small neighbourhood in Ibadan, Nigeria woke up to the news of the death of Oyelowo Ajanaku Oyediran. The young man died as a result of the stabs he sustained from his wife, Yewande Fatoki Oyediran, the daughter of a popular politician named Honourable Fatoki; after an ongoing brawl about bearing a child out of wedlock which he was alleged to have been hiding from her.
The late Adelowo showing the first stab

Yewande allegedly slit her husband's throat with a knife in his sleep. It was said to be a repeat act as she had stabbed him a day before and the diseased had gone to the hospital to be treated of the wound on his right shoulder.
As a result of the medication he received after treatment, he was said to be weak and went straight to bed. His wife, took advantage of his weakness and slit his throat.
Their landlady raised an alarm as she heard the faint noise that emerged from their apartment. She was said to have seen 'Lowo as he was popularly called, in a pool of his own blood. He was said to have died few minutes later.
In a twist to the story, it was reported that Yewande, who is from a powerful political family has been backed by her family with the aim to bury the story and escape the law. Her family claimed she is mentally unstable.

Adelowo's friends have since taken to the social media to expose Yewande and get justice on the matter.

UPDATE: News reaching us minutes ago says Yewande has been arrested by the Police. More soon....

When the going was good


Lying  in the pool of his blood

Their wedding day

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