Saturday, 9 August 2014


The veteran thespian who has lit up local and international stages and screens over the years, Golda John turns 60 today. 

As part of her 60th birthday and 40 active years on stage celebration, she releases a memoir titled "Loving Wife and Caring Mother" which is geared towards stable marriages and happy homes, especially for young couples. The book would be on order through Facebook, Amazon, Kindle and eBooks soonest.

Golda, who is quite experienced in the things of marriage and is in a second marriage herself and single handedly raised four children, vows to dedicate the rest of her life towards counselling youngsters and leading them to happy marriages, while warding off interferences and distractions. She also touches on divorce in the book. She reckons that there is an alarming rate of divorces in the UK, and there are tough and devastating impacts on all parties concerned, especially the children, which often results in unimaginable psychological damage that usually affects them later in life.The author of the book is her husband of 18 years, Chief Mike Abiola of the popular Afro Hollywood Awards. He describes her as a wife to love forever and a woman who has been able to combine her professionally glamorous life with being a dutiful, dedicated, trustworthy and caring wife. 

Readers will find the testimonies of professionals who have worked with Golda including opinion leaders, close associates, childhood classmates, family members and friends in the book. 

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