Friday, 13 March 2015


The super talented, award winning Nigerian Musician, Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ice; who recently went into politics but lost at the primaries under the flagship of All Progressives Congress Party (APC) to represent Ogbomosho North/South/Orire Federal Constituency at the House of Representative recently spoke with us about his next mission and his undying passion for politics.
Here are excerpts...

What prompted you to go into politics?

I believe the politicians we have are not doing their jobs properly. And I know most Nigerians are not happy about what is going on on the political scene. Therefore, there is a need for somebody  to rise up and make the amendments people want to see.

Did you think you had the winning factor initially?

Nothing is assured in life. One has to ask before one is given. Like the Bible says: Ask and you shall be given.

Were you planning to abandon music for politics?

Like every other politician, you have to leave something behind to attend to the need of the people. When you serve, it's different from working to earn a living. I did set out to serve my people and I am glad to have tried. I am equally glad to be back into music.
Are you still rooting for politics despite losing at the primaries?

If the opportunity comes again tomorrow, I will still try again. Politics is part of everyday life for people living in a democratic country. Politics is part of my daily life. As a Nigerian, I can vote and be voted for. It is my right. Politics will always be on my list. It's in the blood.

What are you up to lately?

Right now I'm working on the video of my latest works; CNN and GRA. So far we have shot the video of LAST BUS STOP in the UK; NEW MONEY and LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL featuring TUFACE in Lagos, Nigeria. Aside that, I'm working on a new single; the first single from my upcoming album titled RETURN OF THE KING.

Are we expecting another hit?

We make music but it's only God almighty that turns it to hits. I hope and believe in God as much as always.

Any plans to remarry soon?

One day man go marry, no matter what, no matter how. By God's grace, someday.
How would you say the Nigerian music scene is faring these days?

The scene is great. We are working towards having a great industry. We are getting to that point of distinction; gradually. 

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  1. 9ice is a music icon and can't wait for his new album.


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