Thursday, 2 July 2015


One of the pioneers of street songs; the Denge Pose King, Baba Fryo who made waves on the Nigerian music scene in the 90s is back!

He has been away from the scene for over a decade and speaking about his return; he promised his fans he will be very active henceforth.

Baba Fryo who is still bitter about the loads of betrayal he faced, coupled with the sad experience of his album that was delayed for years; said he has been putting body and soul together as an estate agent who puts lands up for sale; which he said has brought him some money.

The new single is titled "Country No Send" CNS, which he produced on his own and he is self promoting. He made it clear that he is not looking at collaborating with the popular younger artistes; according to him; many of them are too arrogant with little or no respect for older musicians.

He has this to say about his return: "I am back with my own style. Some people believe that you must play what these boys are playing before you can be heard; I totally disagree. It's all based on acceptance, once people accept what you play, you won't have a problem. I listen to the music they play these days and discovered  they are all the old pattern with a little touch of the modern. Listen to Flavour; the beat is not new, it is just the tempo that has increased. It will be a sin for Baba Fryo to sing like these small boys."


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